About OAAF


Odisha Aadhaar Authentication Framework is a UIDAI based authentication framework which will be integrated with departmental applications for the purpose of availing Government Welfare Scheme benefits.

OAAF is a comprehensive framework designed to work for various types of authentication as per UIDAI guideline. This will instill confidence amongst government departments to impart more and more data sensitive services to rightful users.

Odisha Aadhaar Authentication Framework Project aims to enable the State to
  • Utilize Aadhaar number to uniquely identify citizens (the beneficiaries of different schemes implemented by Government)
  • Incorporate Aadhaar authentication into various Department applications.
  • Enhance Aadhaar Data Security.
  • Ensuring that all fake, duplicate and ghost records are weeded out from databases so that leakages resulting from such records are avoided.
  • It will also provide Governments with accurate data on residents, enable direct benefits programs.
  • Proper identification leading to better targeting of citizen centric development schemes.